Saturday , July 21st 2018
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The best Outdoor Pens for your Dog

The best Outdoor Pens for your Dog

A pet enclosure is a necessity if you have pets in your home. These pens protect the little creatures from any potential risk and simultaneously give you more freedom. The pens are designed to protect your pets from the danger of vehicle nearby or stray animal, which might harm them. There are a variety of enclosures available in the market, but the choice depends on your purpose and the size of your dog. Moreover, the outdoor pens also serve the purpose of entertainment for dogs in which they can play and jump comfortably. They are an affordable option to keep your dogs safe and secure while you are away. Let’s check out the best outdoor pens available.

#1 OxGord Metal Wire 8-Panel Folding Exercise Yard Fence for Pets, 24 Inch – 40$

Product Description

The e-coated black OxGord exercise pen is a sturdy steel construction pen. Available in different size options. The pen is rust and corrosion proof that lasts long. Easy to set up, the structure can be carried and assembled comfortably without any tools.

Product Features

1) The height and width of the pen are 24 inches and is built with heavy 6 gauge metal.

2) Durable construction to give long life.

3) The frame material is metal.

4) Octagon diameter is 64 inches, horizontal bar space is 6 inches and the vertical bar space is 1.6 inches for a 24-inch structure.

5) Easy setup option without any usage of tools even folds flat for easy storing.

6) Available in 24, 30, 36, 42 and 48-inch structure.


#2 OxGord 40″ x 73″ Exercise Pen, Metal Tube Fence – Heavy Duty Folding Yard Playpen for Pets – 8 Panel 40 H” by 73″ Octagon Diameter – 75$

Product Description

Keeping pets is no easy job when you have too many family members at home. The playpen is your perfect partner to relieve you of your stress. Just allocate a space and spread it in a shape loved by your pet. The playing partner can be easily configured in different shapes and can even form like a zoo. The rust-resistant structure lasts long and can be carried easily wherever you desire to move. You can even try the structure for your rabbits.

Product Feature

1) The playpen comes in half inch heavy duty tube frame and 8 panel designing system that aids in the creation of multiple structures.

2) Easy to install and break down. Close to 30 square feet and is available in 24, 32 and 40 inches structure.

3) Sturdy, a rust resistant structure that can be utilized both indoor and outdoor.

4) The rounded edges provide added safety for your pets.

5) Manufactured by Paws & Pals, an OxGord brand


#3 MidWest Foldable Metal Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen, 24″W x 30″H – 33$

Product Description

We often forget that pets also require exercising to stay healthy. But, for that we can’t allow them free access to our homes. So, the solution to the problem is the MidWest foldable exercise pen that is strong, stylish and cost effective. The black exercise pen comes with an Electro-Coat finish and has eight 2-foot wide panels that can be given numerous configurations. Also, attached is a step-thru door that leads to easy accessibility.

Product Features

1) Each separate panel comes with a dimension of 24 inch width and 30 inch height. The pen folds flat for convenient storage option.

2) The exercise pen provides 16 square feet of enclosed area (1.5 meters) to keep your pets comfortable.

3) The pen also includes 8 ground anchors suitable for outdoor use, 8 corner stabilizers and 4 thumb-snaps for easy installation.

4) The playpen is given an e-coat finish for long lasting protection against corrosion and rust.

5) Simple to set up without any tool requirement. Includes 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.