Thursday , April 19th 2018
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The absolute best Dog Crates and Kennels

The absolute best Dog Crates and Kennels

The words kennels and crates are often interchanged as they essentially mean a shelter for a dog whenever it feels a little subdued and wants some rest. The shelter must thus have adequate space for the dog to move about, turn around and lie down. Shelters that are too small will make the dog feel cramped. Ideally, the kennel or crate should be a couple of inches taller than the dog when it’s standing and there should be just enough room for it to move around a little.


Wire kennels


These have four walls and a roof that’s entirely made of metal. The bottom of the cage has a slidable tray that can be pulled out when it needs to be cleaned. The kennels are usually foldable and easily portable. These usually come with divider panels that can be removed to accommodate a growing dog. They are easy to maintain and keep clean and offer good ventilation.

Basics Folding Metal Dog Crate

  • double-doors with front and side entry and two slide-bolt latches on the door for safety
  • folds flat and easy to transport
  • dividers prevent paws from getting entangled
  • divider panel -this is optional

Double-Door Folding Metal Crates

  • two doors- in front and at the side
  • affords easy access while cleaning and arranging
  • two- slide bolt latches to ensure safety and security
  • ideal for puppies as well as for adult dogs
  • very convenient
  • safe and secure place to relax
  • ideal for house training dogs


Plastic Crates


These are popular crate choices as they are more economical, easy to clean and very light. The smaller kennels have a handle at the top while the larger ones come with wheels that are very useful while traveling with big dogs. These have holes or slats to let in light and air and the front usually has a wire cage door.

  • Petmate Compass Plastic Pets Kennel with Chrome Door
  • nice- sized doorway for easy exit and entry
  • good ventilation
  • easy to assemble– slide and snap
  • a two-way opening door with dual turn-dial door
  • compatible for airline travel

Dog Houses

Usually made of either wood or plastic, these offer the dogs a place to curl up in. They can either be indoors or outdoors.


  • Top openable roof and removable bottom floor for easy maintenance
  • easy to assemble
  • weatherproof
  • comes with a door flap


Exercise pens


These are often hexagonal in shape and come without roofs to allow dogs to be able to jump a bit and play. Can be collapsed easily and transported. Some are designed with fencing or high walls on the top to prevent dogs from jumping out and hurting themselves. Secure way to ensure that dogs are contained in when needed. A dual locking latched door for safety and security and other deluxe features makes this one special. Narrow wire spacing is ideal for dogs. Spacious play area and heavy-duty finish makes this durable.

ProSelect Everlasting Exercise Pens for Dogs and Pets

  • durable construction with a durable epoxy finish
  • narrow wire spacing guarantees security and strength
  • easy in and out access
  • available in different heights